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4 Top Reasons to avoid Plagiarism

Published On: 01/18/2018

The originality of plagiarism has found its way into the heart of many individuals, although some of these individuals are creative in the usual ground, they do not usually seem to mind their way out of the genuine shackles of plagiarism. Plagiarism involves taking possession and credit of the creative work of another individual like it is yours. We cannot delve deep into what plagiarism entails in this article, but instead, I want to tell you some reasons why you should desist from plagiarism. Why shouldn’t you plagiarize?

Credibility- You might be a very creative writer in the long-run, you might have some scintillating contents that has blown people mind in the past. However, when you are flagged for plagiarism; you lose everything, you lose that credibility that you built for years. People would not find solemn in your work anymore as they would surely generalize hastily that all your works in the past are also plagiarized.

So, why lose your entire credibility on something your creative mind can do if you put all your creativity into it?

Creativity- Not all plagiarists are not creative, anybody who is engrossed in plagiarizing another fellows work can never be creative. Why? Plagiarists are unable to think out of the box they are confined in, as they know it’s really an easy task to copy and paste another person’s work (just two keys does it, ctrl c & v). Plagiarist lose their creativity as they know they have an island of ideas where they can steal creatively from!

Illegal- Plagiarism has been flagged as an unlawful activity under the copyright law, many laws have enacted disciplinary punishment for anybody found for plagiarism in one way or the other. Why do something illegal when you could sit down, write from your creative mind, in an entirely legal way? Although, it might seem inoffensive copying another person’s work, but think out! How would you feel if your work is plagiarized?

Integrity- A writer who burns the ink all day long to produce a content that is original and appreciated by his/her audience would be filled with a sense of achievement, pride, and integrity. It is not quite easy to write, I understand. But try writing a unique content sometimes, you feel really joyous that you’ve achieved even if nobody comments on it. Write a unique content today and see how it feels.

Finally, getting your way off plagiarism makes you a better writer in general. Writing a non-plagiarized content every time makes you a better writer and sharpens your thinking and creativity. Dear reader, get your mind to work today and write that engaging and scintillating content the world has been waiting for.

Although, people fall victims of plagiarism unknowingly; maybe while trying to restructure another individual’s word or by using some common phrases they read in a book a long time ago. MyGrammarcheck is specially designed for you to check your content off plagiarism. It is designed to scan through your content and find similar materials around the web. Get MyGrammarCheck today to always be unique, original and creative.