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5 Powerful Tips to Improve Writing - A Communication skill

Published On: 03/22/2018

Since ages, dated years after creation, or so, even before creation- communication is an art rather than some learned skill. The will to communicate and relate is a fused ion in the chemistry of human creation, the power of words in human creation, remember? There is the countless medium of communication, visible or invisible, written or unwritten, learned or unlearned- as far as you understand what you are trying to communicate and the listener or reader also understands, you are communicating. In this article, we would focus on a major communication skill- writing.

The importance of communication in the world today can never be undermined- through communication, many things have been done and undone. Writing is a major communication skill dating back from ages and centuries. The importance of effective written communication skills is an important aspect of the education world, business world, social world and lots more. So funny, that derailing from the slightest punctuation in our written communication can man a whole lot of other things, thereby this communication is not effective because the recipients understand not what you talk about.

Everybody can write, really yes- as long as you are a literate you can write. Sounds funny right? However, not all of us understand the basics of writing. We tend to write in a raw and staggered manner in view of expressing the ideas in us- this write-up usually lack structure, composure, arrangement, syntax, semantics and even beauty! Nonetheless, the question still remains, how can we brush up our writing skills?

Understanding the Basics- Writing is more about understanding and practicing than just writing. Brushing up for an effective writing skill majorly entails understanding the basics of writing. An effective writer understands his use of words- he puts words accordingly and not shabbily; he understands English structure, he understands basic grammar, he understands basic English spelling. Before you can start writing effectively, you really need to understand all these.

Read More- Many effective writers trained themselves by simply reading. By reading more often on a regular basis you get familiar and conversant with the basics of structure and expression. Thereby developing your writing skills. By reading I do not just mean blog posts or newspapers, no! be diversified in what you read. Read more often about what you typically like writing about- by this you understand the word usage, jargon, and registers of your writing niche.

Avoid Extra Details- If you are a creative writer, you actually need to be detailed with your expressions and description. However, starting as a beginner, extra details makes your work derail from your target topic /theme. in the end, you write up to seem more like themeless because you are giving unnecessary details of necessary elements or unnecessary elements. As a beginner, you need to be able to fully express yourself in a short, concise and effective manner.

Write About What You Love- People are more successful and effective when they do what they love. Simply because it gives them joy and satisfaction, and this keeps them going. Writing about what you love makes your writing more flexible as you would be able to express yourself in an elated and effective manner. Writing about what you love makes you write more and more and better. However, do not dissect yourself only to writing what you love because someday you might need to write about what you do not love.

Proofread and Edit- There is no writer who doesn’t proofread. Just accept that your first drafts are always as crappy as crap. Writing is not as easy as you think, you need to proofread content, write and rewrite, that’s the key! You might be wondering how you can correct your mistakes fully in your write-ups?

Relax, there is a handful of software that is effective in editing and proofreading- grammar check. Grammar check goal is to check grammar, proofreading, plagiarism detection and make your writing easy, effective and error free.