The Plagiarism is a form of fraud. Therefore, avoiding plagiarism is of crucial importance. Once you start writing your thesis, you should strive carefully to avoid plagiarism. Write down all the sources you have used at the same time, make correct use of citations and paraphrasing and follow the rules of the style of references you should use. Actually, it's pretty simple. You can avoid plagiarism by following these three steps each time you use a source:

The originality of plagiarism has found its way into the heart of many individuals, although some of these individuals are creative in the usual ground, they do not usually seem to mind their way out of the genuine shackles of plagiarism. Plagiarism involves taking possession and credit of the creative work of another individual like it is yours. We cannot delve deep into what plagiarism entails in this article, but instead, I want to tell you some reasons why you should desist from plagiarism. Why shouldn’t you plagiarize?

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