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Exhaustive List of Online Merchants Embracing BitCoin

Published On: 12/20/2017

Is bitcoin burning a hole in your pocket? When it comes to major retailers those who are accepting payment in Bitcoin, Overstock and TigerDirect are only the beginning. Most of the online retailers are beginning to accept cryptocurrency as a valid payment option for the product & services they provide.

Digital Currency – BitCoin is the next big thing in investing today which has risen by nearly 900% over the trailing-two-year period. Why have digital cryptocurrencies like bitcoin been such a hot commodity of late?

By having an analytic view of today’s scenario, we have compiled a comprehensive & exhaustive list of major retailers that accept the most commonly used cryptocurrency, bitcoin. 


We are already having around 21,000 merchants are using Coinbase to accept Bitcoin from customers. & many other companies  are reaping the benefits of opening itself to the new form of money.
•, Inc is an American internet firm that helps you to discover designer brands and home goods at the lowest prices online. is considered as one of the first large online retailer that accepts bitcoins & also been one of its most staunch supporters. In an exclusive interview with a business Insider, Overstock executive Jonathan Johnson stated that it is crazy that most online retailers don’t accept BitCoin as a legal payment option.

•  Expedia, what we know about this company is known to one and all, it is an American-based travel company owns & deals with several international global online travel brands, primarily travel fare aggregator websites and travel. We have seen that since mid-2014, the travelers have been able to grant the option of booking their hotel, tours, and other sightseeing options through Expedia with BitCoin. 

•  Paypal Holdings (NASDAQ) and eBay Inc (NASDAQ): It was already announced that this famous e-commerce platform or market place will begin to accept cryptocurrency as a legal payment platform, through integration with daughter company Braintree merchants & will work with bitcoin payments. This major decision was taken before Paypal was spun off from E-bay Even before PayPal was spun off from eBay.

•  Shopify Inc (US) : As being one of the early adopter of Bitcoin this online platform lets merchants set up their own online shops and provides options to bitcoin as a mode of convenient payment method with the help of BitPay, a global bitcoin payment service provider.

•  DISH Network Corp ,DISH is one such company that accepts Bitcoin as a payment option for its customer base. DISH company has partnership with digital asset exchange Coinbase, allowing customers to pay their cable bill in crypto currency.

•  Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ): Microsoft, the greatest of all also has acceptance for cryptocurrency for the fans of bitcoins & gaming. Microsoft enabled the users to purchase in their Windows & Xbox stores. 

•  MyGrammarCheck –Online tool for grammar checking, spelling check plagiarism check & many other features useful for today’s youth. This online retailer has also provided a provision of making a payment through Bitcoin so that it increases branding & advertisement of products & services at a vast level.

This was a list of some of the most prominent companies that are accepting Bitcoin as a payment option. Then what are you waiting for? Just get going with embracing the cryptocurrency.