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Five Ways How Proofreading your Emails Can Improve Your Business

Published On: 11/28/2017

In spite of innumerable digital channels internet has served us to connect in the workplace today, people still choose email as one of the most common professional platform.

One always has to be very polished & perfect while interacting with senior members, colleagues, employers in your messages. That single typo-error or grammatical mistake you make in an email might make a bad impression in front of others. It could signal that you lack attention to detail. At worst, it could make you seem less intelligent & conscientious. Although mistakes, typos and stylistic errors can happen to anyone but at the same time it can make you appear unprofessional or incompetent. So is there a solution for this? Certainly! Proofreading is crucial to practice before sending an email. We provide an ultimate guide to get your all emails right before you hit SEND.

Your Mails should be - Simple & Organized

The manner in which you format your email is as important as the wording you choose to frame your thoughts. To make your emails presentable use bullet points for important items. This helps the recipients to scan the mail & determine the purpose. Don’t make your mails too long and difficult to understand, it should be very brief & manageable for recipient to process.

Right Contact Names

Why is it so important to spell the contact name perfectly? The name is the first & foremost thing the recipient will see in your email. Misspelling names portray us in a very irresponsible & unreliable way. So make sure that these slight mistakes are always taken care of in a very professional way.

Content – Clarity & Understandable

Keep the mail content/sentences simple & direct as they have better response rate. Long sophisticated content makes the task quite challenging especially for a busy person who is just rushing through the emails. One should always consider the audience before drafting the mails in their inbox.

Watch Out for Wordiness

The emails should preferably quite simple and to the point. It gets important to simplify the text & streamline by removing unnecessary filler words & instead use strong verbs that clearly justify the person’s though process. 1. Never use of any sort of figure of speech i e. metaphor or simile. 2. Never allow any redundancy in the mail content. 3. Always prefer active voice rather than passive voice. 4. Always use simple words instead of sophisticated word

Proofread is must

Is everything perfect in your message? Have you spelled everything correctly? Till now we have been explaining proofreading in very generic manner, but now it’s time to get down to the most important level. Proofreading line-by-line is not always feasible and then comes the role of websites like MyGrammarCheck which helps to determine & provide ways to fix the errors. The main benefit of such websites is that it helps us to detect mistakes & assist in writing perfectly.

Now last but not the least, be careful about what your recipient are interested in & what that the things that will make them read your entire message and weave that into the subject line.