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MyGrammarCheck offer Bitcoin Checkout Option for all Gadget Gurus

Published On: 12/20/2017

Nowadays it has become a new trend to capture the emerging market of new & fresh customers who are always seeking for places to spend their BitCoin. Acceptance of Bitcoin payment at various diverse ecommerce platforms are a helping hand in growing the base for many online business groups.

Internet provides a great base platform for the emerging business groups to get easy avail of enterprise-grade bitcoin integration, plugins, and extensions for many popular shopping carts, billing system & point of sale solution.

Are you feeling the urge to get up & get running with Bitcoin? Now, most popular e-commerce & online retailers are collaborating with Bitcoin payment making the whole system more reliable, ready-to-deploy integrations, more safe & secure.

Here are some of the reasons why Bitcoin payment can prove a boon for Businesses & Customers as well & why Online Merchants like MyGrammarCheck an Online tool for grammar check & plagiarism are providing Bitcoin payment platform:

Save Your Money

We all know that credit cards payments cost up to 3% of the actual payment as there are many processing fees and taxes on every transaction. Bitcoin payment will help you to get direct bank deposits in your own currency for a simple, flat 1% settlement charge. Isn’t it something that creates a positive vibe?  Of course it does!

Convenience – Sell it to anyone & anywhere

Bitcoin offers the world’s first borderless payment network to help people from different geographical location connect with each other. You can receive payment in any amount, from anywhere in the world, from any computer or mobile device.

Full on Security & No Chargebacks Frauds – No Identity Theft

Many different payment methods force consumers/customers to shoulder the risk & cost of payment fraud. But with Bitcoin, people get a reliable platform where they can pay without handling over sensitive personal information. Refunds are been made through the merchant – So it’s a win-win situation for everyone dealing with digital currency.

Get secure POS applications for Bitcoin payment

POS applications or POS device or mobile app easily setup bitcoin payment processor in any of your physical retail store using a tablet.

Fastest Payment Service on International Grounds

Bitcoin payment process provides us one of fastest transaction service ever. You can get your bitcoin transferred hassle-free from one side of the globe to other side within just few minutes.

No Requirement of PCI Compliance

Secure wallet & payment requests have always been a matter of concern for all the e-commerce platform merchants as well as customers. With Bitcoin payment offers all you need to do is make the wallet secure – no extensive security checks, no extra costs, no PCI compliance regulations.